Act 3 Podcast: Oscar Nominations, Peacock, and Star Wars

Posted at 10:47 AM, Jan 20, 2020

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies!

It’s a HUGE news week on the Act 3 Podcast! This week, the streaming wars wage on as details are announced about the launch of “Peacock”.  We also got our first look at footage of Jared Leto as MORBIUS (which might be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?), and an update on the music of the next “Bond” film.  All that, plus CRAZY updates from the Star Wars franchise, including a leaked script from the original version of Episode IX!  And that’s all BEFORE we get to talking about the 2020 Oscar Nominations!  Grab your earbuds and strap in for a wild ride this week on the Act 3 Podcast.

Time Codes:

Act One: News

01:30 – NBC announces details for its “Peacock” streaming service

05:50 – “Morbius” gets a trailer; is it part of the MCU?

14:20 – Hans Zimmer to score “No Time To Die”, Billie Eilish to perform title song

17:45 – Taika Waititi approached by Disney to direct a Star Wars film

20:30 – Alternate “Star Wars Episode IX” script leaks to some outlets, details made public

Act Two: What We’re Watching

26:30 – Steven: “The Two Popes”, “Judy”, “Klaus”

33:15 – Chandler: “1917”

Act Three: Breaking Down The 2020 Oscar Nominations

-38:50 – The big takeaways from the acting, writing, directing, and best picture categories


-01:03:25 – Discussion of the crazy details of the leaked “Star Wars Episode IX: Duel Of The Fates” screenplay