William & Mary Dining Services eliminate single-use plastics

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jan 22, 2020

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – William & Mary Dining Services eliminated all plastic from the dining halls.

(Photo: William & Mary Dining Services)

As part of the William & Mary’s  five year Sustainability Plan, a commitment was made to eliminate the distribution of single-use plastics in both of their dining halls by 2019.

Dining has recently became certified by the Green Restaurant Association.

Stephen Moyer, William & May Sadler Center Court Operation says, Dining implemented a phase-out using all remaining single-use plastic up until the start of new alternative.

Dining Services made small changes such as swapping plastic out for metal and compostable cups. Plastic cups for spreads were switched for larger bulk containers. Dining even took away straws.

“The biggest thing was the straws,” Moyer said. “Now I thought at first eliminating straws may be difficult with students, but we haven’t had any push back. We do offer some straws only for medical necessity.”

Compostable silverware is now available for take-out.

Moyer said attention to limiting use of plastics in dining started a couple of years ago when the harmfulness of plastic in oceans started to gain attention.

Dining Services say their next step is to work with the retail stores apart of Dining such as, Chick-fil-A and Starbucks.

Along with the elimination of plastic, William & Mary also serve meat-free dishes for students with plant-based diets.

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