Driver crashes into Chesapeake home, shutting off the heating system for the weekend

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jan 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-24 22:36:13-05

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Tire marks, bricks, bent wood pieces and a front bumper in their yard is not what the Andersons had in mind for Friday date night.

“We were supposed to go to Cooper Hawk for dinner and then the tribal act to do the axes, but we didn’t get there,” said Catherine Anderson.

Instead, they were outside their home off Youngstown Court trying to figure out who crashed into their home and left the scene while they were at their neighbors' house.

Catherine’s husband, Art, says, “I started running after the guy who hit my house with his car.”

He couldn’t catch up, but moments later the driver and car were found nearby. They even snapped a picture of the Chevy being towed.

“No one was hurt, which is a good thing. No one was in the house; everyone is good,” said Catherine.

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From the look of the tire marks, the homeowners believe the driver tried to dodge a pole. He did just that - and drove straight into their fence, into their HVAC system and head on into the foundation of the home.

“People don’t go 25 mph here on Hillwell. They go a lot faster, especially coming around the bend here - that is a concern,” adds Art.

He says he’s already taking action to make sure the backyard where his kids play is safe.

“I was just at the city to ask about putting in those metal poles that they have in front of banks so you can’t drive in and put them on the corners.”

The couple tells us their heating system will be out for a couple days, but they’re glad temperatures won't be freezing over the weekend.

“We got a brick house; we are pretty insulated. We have electric heaters, we have running water, we can use the restroom, so we are okay.”