Don’t let your time off go to waste on National Plan for Vacation Day

Posted at 9:11 AM, Jan 27, 2020

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - The holiday season may be over, but now is the time to start thinking about your next getaway

National Plan for Vacation Day is celebrated every year on the last Tuesday in January to help you make the most of your time off.

It’s a time for people to sit down and commit to taking all of their hard-earned time off. People who plan how they’ll use their vacation are more likely to use all of it.

The U.S. Travel Association says 55%  of Americans didn’t use all of their time off in 2018 which added up to 768 million vacation days going unused. Those are missed opportunities to relax and recharge and spend quality time with family friends.

“I think that the problem is that they’re not planning in advance and that’s the key,” says travel adviser Iris Martin with Surreal Journeys Travel.

Martin says waiting until the last minute makes it harder to a budget for a trip.

“It’s a good idea to start planning at least 10 months in advance because that’s when the flights are published for airlines,” says Martin.

Martin says flight prices tend to drop up until 3 months in advance, but if you’re trying to book a vacation around a holiday it’ll probably be pricey no matter what.

“April is not a good time to travel if you’re traveling on a budget, December again, is not a good time to travel. Any time from September through February is an excellent time then spring break starts in March and April so you’ll skip those months and start back after then.”

If you’re looking to travel cheap travel light— with pieces that are easy to mix and match so you can skip the check bag fee.

Once you land in your destination city, think about crashing at a hostel to avoid a pricey hotel. Prices can range from a few bucks a night to 50 dollars for a private suite depending on where you stay

Don’t be afraid to learn the public transit system— that extra time will translate into money saved instead of spent on costly taxis.

No matter how much you plan to spend, it’s important to make sure everyone you’re traveling with is on the same page about the budget.