EMS crews get tents to protect from COVID-19 in Pasquotank, Camden counties

Posted at 1:14 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 06:21:59-04

PASQUOTANK Co., N.C. - The Pasquotank-Camden EMS is taking action to try and better protect its patients and first responders.

Previously, it was wrapping one of its ambulances with plastic. Chief Jerry Newell said that unit was designated to pick up possible COVID-19 patients.

But then Newell said the department got an idea from Onslow County EMS in North Carolina.

They created tents to be used while treating patients in each rescue vehicle.

The chief said they went to Lowe's to get the materials, which cost about $70 per tent. He said people came in on their days off to make them for crews out in the field.

“Putting the mobile tents on each truck allows us to have every truck serviced for a COVID patient and keep that COVID exposure isolated,” said Newell. "When we add this tent to the recipe, risk for exposure becomes even less than minimal because we keep all the exposure inside of the tent.”

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He said crews also take their temperatures daily.

“If anybody spikes above 104, you’re down for the count. We’re sending you home,” said Newell. “We love what we do. COVID makes us a little nervous sometimes, but we’re still not afraid to go out and fight it.”

He said anyone interested in finding out more on how to make them should contact his agency here.

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