Hampton bride and groom forced to cancel two celebrations due to coronavirus

Posted at 2:25 PM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 16:38:55-04

POQUOSON, Va- No one was sick and no one was coming from China, but for brides who planned to tie the knot this week, they were met with heartbreak.

Coronavirus has put a crippling hold on weddings due to the ban on gatherings.

"This was the bouquet my mom made, these are our favors we made for people flying, and this is my hand made dress, just want to wear it everyday," said Moriah DeVito.

In her mother home's in Poqouson all of Devito's details for her dream day sit in place.

"I have been crying everyday, you just don't think this will happen on your wedding day," said DeVito.

Moriah Devito and Brian Greco of Hampton were supposed to be on their way this week to saying 'I do,' instead they are living in a world of don'ts.'

"We really want to have a big beautiful ceremony.

A small destination wedding of 30 friends and family was supposed to be held in Las Vegas on Thursday followed by a big party back at home in Hampton on Saturday.

"It's been months of work," said DeVito.

Monday the couple realized their walk down the aisle would be forced to a screeching halt.

"We watched the news conference from the President and that's when we realized, but we were all ready, ready to fly out, packed and ready to go," DeVito explained.

All plans canceled at a moments notice .

"Everyday I wake up and I think gosh, I just want to be married," said DeVito.

The couple sadly can't even head to the courthouse to get married, another wedding woe.

"Everyday there is something that reminds you of it no matter what," said Greco.

Luckily they have been dealt a good hand in terms of refunds, and most importantly of all.

"I am extremely glad we didn't get out out in Vegas and get stranded, and also, we are just thankful everyone is home, safe and not sick," said Devito.