Norfolk restaurants prep for safe Super Bowl celebrations

super bowl
Posted at 10:39 PM, Feb 06, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. – The wings are being tossed and drinks are flowing.

Brick Anchor Brew House on Granby Street is setting the stage for Super Bowl LV.

“There’s actually $2 off all appetizers tomorrow,” said Brick Anchor Bar Manager Stacy Sheldon. “We’re going to do $.50 wings from 3-9 p.m. We’ve extended our happy hour.”

Health safety measures are in place.

“Bring your friends, have a great time, but stay within the limits,” Sheldon said. “Sometimes if we have a larger party, we can split it in two. We’ve already separated the tables quite a bit, so I think everybody will be fine. Even when we’re packed, we’re not packed like we used to be.”

At Baxter’s Sports Bar down the street, a security guard is keeping watch to keep inside capacity below 50%.

“We don’t want to be in trouble with ABC,” said Cory Evans, a bartender at Baxter’s. “The way business is, we want all the business that we can get in; we don’t want to get closed down for anything.”

Evans said they’re hoping for a boost in sales - whether it’s for to-go orders, which includes alcoholic drinks, or to eat inside watching the big game on one of their 30 TV screens.

Baxter’s will also be holding a special happy hour on food and drinks.

“This is kind of a day that we’re waiting for because as slow as it has been, this is something we could definitely use,” he said.

Health officials are urging people to avoid Super Bowl parties that could turn into COVID-19 super spreaders.

“We know when people get together, COVID spreads,” said Dr. Danny Avula, Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccination program coordinator. “Enjoy the Super Bowl; have fun; celebrate, but keep it small. Keep it to your immediate family or your immediate circle of friends that you’ve been quarantining with all along.”

Evans said for those who do want to get out of their homes and celebrate with people, the measures being taken at Baxter’s will make them feel protected.

“We still want to get together and we still want to have a good time even though we’re not fully back to 100%, but we can still have a good time responsibly,” he said. “We’re used to having a lot more chairs at the bar, but now we have four tables there where people can sit. We’re protected and they’re protected when we go up to the tables.”

Longtime friends Matt Schnelting and Conrad Denscire are originally from Tampa Bay but are currently living in Norfolk. They said they’ll be celebrating with safety in mind - just don’t ask them which team they’re rooting for.

“I’m super excited about Tampa Bay losing,” Schnelting said. “I support the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but I’m not a Tom Brady guy.”

Denscire is cheering for the Buccaneers and Brady.

“I want to see the old man kick butt and take names and do it on a different team,” Denscire said. “It’d be awesome.”

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