'I'm vaccinated' T-shirt supports Virginia college students

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Posted at 12:14 PM, Apr 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-09 12:14:42-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- The pandemic has made a big impact on nonprofits like the KLM Scholarship Foundation.

Their fundraiser events have been canceled, but the organization has come up with a creative way to raise funds for Virginia students.

"We’re selling vaccinated T-shirts so people can show their status, and show that they’re being healthy, being careful, but they’re also supporting Virginia college kids at the same time" said Kim Martin, founder of the KLM Scholarship Foundation.

People can purchase their T-shirts before they get their shots, in between shots or after their shots.

The funds raised from the T-shirt sales will help pay for textbooks.

"Folks can get a V-neck, I’m wearing a V-neck, you can get a crew neck, also get a tank top and they also come in a variety of sizes and as well as color," said Martin.

Their goal is to give away a minimum of $30,000 to help a minimum of 30 kids pay for their expensive textbooks. Last year they gave away $59,000 even with the pandemic.

The T-shirts cost $24.99, and in addition to the T-shirt sale, the KLM Scholarship Foundation has partnered with CBS 6 for their $10,000 Scholarship Giveaway Contest.