Man accused of breaking into women's homes and sexually assaulting them in Ocean View

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Posted at 12:07 PM, Jun 27, 2022

NORFOLK, Va. - Over the course of three days, three women reported a man breaking into their home and sexually assaulting or trying to assault them in Ocean View.

Police arrested Ryan Kearney in connection with the incidents. He faces several charges, including attempted rape; abduction; and breaking and entering with intent to commit murder, rape or arson.

On May 29, Norfolk Police were called to one place for burglary and sexual assault, according to a search warrant.

It states the victim told police that while she was taking a shower, a man wearing a surgical-style mask opened the curtain, pushed her and sexually assaulted her. She said he covered her mouth when she tried to yell for help.

Police searched the home for evidence, and the family also reported that a watch was stolen.

The warrant states on May 31, later police were called to E. Ocean View Avenue for another sexual assault victim. She said she had fallen asleep on her porch in a sleeping bag to enjoy the evening and woke up to a man wearing a surgical mask and sexually assaulting her.

Records state this second victim struck him, and he threatened to strike her back. She was able to run into the house and get a gun, which caused the man to flee.

Later that morning, about three blocks away on Bay Street, a woman said she was awoken by a man in her bed wearing a black mask. She tried to scream, but he was covering her mouth with both hands. She said she was able to fight the man off and yell for help.

The woman’s parents heard her yelling and came to her aide. The warrant states the suspect fled.

One hour later, records state that police arrested Kearney. They said he admitted to being at all three locations.

He is currently being held in the Norfolk Jail.

Kearney has been arrested in 2019 in Norfolk for indecent exposure and several other charges. He was convicted of the indecent exposure charge.

Police said due to this case being prosecuted by the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, they said are unable to provide any additional details about this case.

News 3 asked the Commonwealth Attorney's Office if they believe there are more victims out there. They said, "NPD is not aware of any other victims, but if anyone has any information on the charged crimes or would like to make a report regarding Mr. Kearney, please have them call the Norfolk Police to make a report or Crime Line to leave an anonymous tip."

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