102-year-old woman watches great-grandsons play again after battling COVID

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Posted at 10:26 AM, Sep 21, 2021

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — A 102-year-old woman in Minnesota is back in the stands watching her great-grandsons play football after overcoming COVID-19.

Ann-Hewitt Wakefield, also known as “Grammy Hootie,” explained to WCCO that she was unable to attend games last year because she was battling the coronavirus.

"I can’t believe I missed it," she said.

That made Friday night all that more special when the great-grandmother got the chance to watch her two great-grandsons, Carter Theissen and Christian Brown, play against each other. Theissen plays for Breck School, while Brown competes for Concordia Academy.

"Gonna be a close game. I expect them to play hard. They're a good team," said Brown.

With their great-grandmother in the crowd, there was a bit of added pressure for the teens because she knows the game well.

"Got a little pressure with my great-grandma here," said Theissen.

Wakefield considers herself a football fanatic.

"Oh, I love it. I love sports," she said.

There's nowhere Wakefield says she would rather be than at a Friday night high school football game.

"For sure, I'm always playing for her. She's gonna be at this game watching me play, so definitely," said Theissen.

In the end, Breck School took home the win Friday, with a final score of 52-9, according to WCCO.

But winning isn’t always about who scores the most points. Sometimes, it’s about having a loved one cheering for you.

"I'm just glad she's here," said Brown.