92-year-old man lives boyhood dream, goes skiing for the first time

Posted at 11:55 AM, Dec 23, 2019

Bob Trulocke of Oxfordshire, England, always wanted to give skiing a try. But now, at age 92 and living in a nursing home, he figured he'd missed his chance.

Luckily, the staff at his home in Care UK's Millers Grange was there to help him achieve his dream, and as Trulocke put it, "feel alive once more."

According to the Independent, Trulocke has been drawn to the skiing since his 20s, when he and his wife traveled to Switzerland for a summer camping trip. Though there was no snow on the mountain at the time, he hoped to one day return and give the slopes a try.

Trulocke never did get to ski in Switzerland. But when Care UK offered residents a holiday gift through the "wishing tree" — a program where the organization offers activity opportunities for residents — he didn't pass up his chance.

Trulocke and the staff at Millers Grange traveled to Snozone, a nearby indoor ski facility, which outfitted Trulocke with a special ski-accessible wheelchair. From there, attendants helped him carve through the powder on his way down the hill.

Trulocke even got the thrill of riding a ski lift to the top of the man-made mountain — just like he did in Switzerland all those years ago.

"The speed you moved at was brilliant," Trulocke said. "Fabulous is the word I would use to describe it. It exceeded my expectations."