Loud horn blast scheduled for Wednesday to say thank you to supply chain workers

Posted at 1:58 PM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 17:10:29-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - The Virginia Maritime Association wants to say thank you to all the front-line workers who have helped deliver goods throughout the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

Items you have in your house to keep your family safe and medical supplies used in hospitals arrived because of supply chain employees.

“These companies and their employees continue to go to work each day and keep the economy moving forward,” said David White, Virginia Maritime Association Executive Vice President.

He said there are hundreds of thousands of employees like this in the area. They work on the water, on docks, on terminals, in shipyards, warehouses and on the railroad.

“Our region really is the epicenter of maritime activity,” said White.

Wednesday at noon a loud horn blast will go off for 30 seconds coming from ships, trucks, tugboats, terminals, warehouses and others.

It’s all to say thank you to the unsung supply chain heroes during COVID-19.

“There’s a lot of people on the front lines and they all deserve recognition. They are at greater risk than people like myself that have the luxury of working from home,” said White.

  • What: Simultaneous 20-30 Second Horn Blast
  • When: Wednesday, May 20 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Where: Port of Hampton Roads and Supply Chain Industries Statewide
  • Who: Maritime Supply Chain Industries & Services

Organizers said, “Participants in the simultaneous horn blast should ensure the safety of others when sounding horns. Only moored or anchored vessels and parked trucks and locomotives should participate, as we cannot ensure that all on the road and waterways will be aware of the celebration.”

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