2 teens help rescue pig on loose in Norfolk neighborhood with trail of food

Posted at 9:22 PM, Jan 01, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. – Two Norfolk teens will be honored with special commendations after jumping in to help rescue a loose pig in a neighborhood.

City officials say the rescue took place in November when Norfolk Humane Officer Johnel Southworth received a complaint that Penelope the pig’s owners were not properly caring for her.

This was the second time Southworth had received a complaint about Penelope’s care, according to officials. After the first complaint, the owner promised that the pig would move to a farm in North Carolina.

Officials say Penelope was loose again in the driveway of the Denby Park/Colonial Heights neighborhood with no food or water.

During this time, 13-year-old Tracy Leach, and his brother, 15-year-old Bradly Leach were on their way to the skatepark when they were stopped to ask about the pig situation. The teens found some pig pellets near Penelope’s pen and created a trail of food to lure Penelope into a crate.

“You could tell she was very hungry,” Southworth said. “The boys were ingenious. It was quite something.”

“It was eating every piece of food,” Bradly said.

The teens helped the officer load Penelope into the van to be taken to the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center where Penelope soon found a home.

“Thanks to these boys for showing compassion and for helping the officer,” said NACC Bureau Manager Michelle Dosson. “Penelope is now happy in her new home, and even has a pig brother.”