A young Henrico boy was attacked by dogs. Another woman claims she was too.

A young Henrico boy was attacked by dogs. Another woman claims she was too.
Posted at 10:41 AM, May 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-22 10:41:36-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Just over a week ago, a young boy was attacked by two dogs while he was walking to his Henrico bus stop.

Officials said that these same dogs attacked another woman just months prior.

The attack on the boy at his bus stop was caught on the surveillance camera of the boy's home. 6-year-old Abanoub Zakaria was hospitalized for his severe wounds.

His family said he barely made it out alive.

“I can’t explain how much pain it causes me seeing my son attacked by two dogs,” Youssef Iouza, the boy's father, said.

Abanoub Zakaria
Abanoub Zakaria

CBS 6 checked Virginia's dangerous dog database and ran crime reports on the dog's owner. However, neither indicated these dogs had hurt anyone before.

Another victim came forward after seeing the report on this attack. She said she was walking her dog in February on Old Washington Highway.

That’s when she said two Rottweilers came out of nowhere. She claims the two dogs followed her, lunged at her and bit her in the back of the leg, leaving a scratch.

The woman said when she saw the story about Abanoub's attack, she wanted to make sure the family was aware it could have been prevented.

Henrico Police confirmed the woman's recount of the attack and said Animal Protection confirmed the dogs had their vaccinations.

“Were able to provide advice on properly securing animals under one's care. And the recommended quarantine for the dogs,” they said.

Records show no charges were brought in that incident.

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Legal expert Todd Stone explained why the dogs may have been allowed to roam free after the first incident in February.

He said Virginia's codes for dog bites fall into two categories: dangerous dog versus vicious dog with a serious injury.

"Law enforcement officers have the discretion to charge or not. If it’s a serious injury they have to charge it,” Stone said.

Due to the lesser classification from the first incident, the dogs did not have to be registered as dangerous in the state database.

It also meant the dog's owner did not have to get $100,000 insurance on the two dogs.

The owner, Franklin Boyd, is now facing seven charges from last week’s attack involving the young boy.

Boyd's charges range from multiple counts of a vicious dog, dog running at large and unlawful concealment of the dogs.

He is facing the charge of unlawful concealment of the dogs for not turning the dogs over when asked to by police, which means the dogs may still not be with animal control.

CBS 6 spoke with Boyd on the phone on Friday evening. He said he didn’t want to comment on the situation and said no comment when asked if he had turned the dogs over to the police.

Boyd is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

The Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney said they are working with the animal control officer to determine any and all past experiences involving the two dogs.

She said if they believe that other charges are warranted they will bring them.