Amazon donates $3.9 million to CodeVA for computer science education in underrepresented communities

Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 17:16:34-04

Amazon has gifted CodeVA $3.9 million in efforts to support their plan to offer computer science education and training to high school students across the state, focusing more on underserved and underrepresented communities.

Amazon Future Engineer's says the donation will support more than 500,000 students and more than 12,000 teachers.

CodeVA has been using part of the donation to provide virtual computer science curriculum and training to students and teachers now having to remain home, due to the pandemic.

Pamela Northam, a former science educator and Chair of the Virginia STEM Education Commission, announced Amazon’s donation to CodeVA during a virtual visit to CodeRVA High School computer science students.

Ardine Williams, Vice President of workforce development, HQ2 at Amazon, also joined Northam in the announcement.

Amazon Future Engineer, is a four-part, childhood-to-career program intended to inspire, educate, and prepare children and young adults from underrepresented and underserved communities to try computer science.

The donation doubles CodeVA’s annual operating budget through 2022.