As demand over school desks increase among parents, local warehouse tries to keep up

Posted at 3:37 PM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 18:08:52-04

NORFOLK, Va. - School desks that are commonplace inside schools are making their way into people's homes as school classes move online. Daycare Depot is a warehouse that sells desks and says it is getting new customers who say the sofa or kitchen table will not cut it for learning.

“Parents want the kitchen table back. It's for dinner, it's not for work,” Javonna McAdams, the warehouse’s owner, told News 3. "I had a customer call and she needs a desk and she says she doesn't have a kitchen table."

They received desks by the truckloads, but the desks are bought as soon as the desks arrive. The situation demonstrated to be a challenge for the warehouse trying to keep up with demand.

McAdams said the warehouse has always sold desks, but this year they are seeing a larger demand. That interest in school desks is currently growing.

"We just kept them for home-schooling parents,” she said. “They would sell or roll out when they did and now, you can't keep them, we've literally sold over thousands."

"They're going to the national distributors and the manufacturers and they can't find them,” Nevie Sessoms, found of One-Stop Essentials and a friend of McAdam’s, said. "The emails, the Facebook requests, the phones, everything have just been ringing off the hook."

The costs can range as low as $25 for a used desk or $200 for a new desk, but McAdams said having a desk is also psychological.

"The desk kind of gives them that familiarity with the way things used to be,” She said.

As long as the pandemic continues and classes are online, McAdams said, "I don't see where the need for these is going to end any time soon."