Chesapeake music artist hopeful for TikTok deal after viral song

Posted at 10:43 PM, Sep 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 11:00:22-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - The catchy song “Hit Yo Groove,” written by Chesapeake music artist Tahj Harris, better known as RunitupTahj, became a worldwide sensation thanks to TikTok.

The dance moves were choreographed by a local friend PJ Howard as part of a dance challenge #PGrooveChallenge.

Once the video hit the popular social media app in March, it went viral. The 20-year-old Virginia State University student was skyrocketed to instant stardom.

The TikTok video caught the eye of famed basketball player LeBron James’ son Bronny James.

“It was crazy,” Harris said. “I’m in my room and going crazy. I’m calling all my friends and family saying LeBron James’ son just danced to my song.”

Shortly after, LeBron James himself and dozens of other celebrities, including Ciara and Chance the Rapper were dancing to Harris’ song on TikTok.

“It changed people like my life as an artist, because our songs are now getting pushed through TikTok,” said Harris. “It’s one of the biggest apps to get your songs pushed out now, so TikTok definitely changed my life as an artist.”

Sunday would have been the end of new TikTok downloads in the U.S., but in the eleventh hour Saturday, President Trump announced a proposed deal that would allow American companies Walmart and Oracle to operate the China-based app in the U.S.

The President said the new TikTok will be completely secure.

“We’ll see whether or not it all happens,” said President Trump. “Conceptually, I think it’s a great deal for America. They’ll be hiring at least 25,000 people. It’ll have nothing to do with China.”

Harris, who is majoring in psychology with hopes to be a therapist, has dreams of continuing his music career. He said he’s hopeful the deal with go through for the hundreds of millions of users.

“It’s a positive app for families, kids, older people,” said Harris. “It’s just something positive to do.”

Harris is working on new music that he plans to release on TikTok next month.

Meantime, according to President Trump, the details about the TikTok deal will come out soon and the new company will most likely be based in Texas.