Chesterfield student arrested for school rape: 'He pulled her into the bathroom'

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-16 15:30:07-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A Chesterfield high school student was arrested and charged with the rape and abduction of a female classmate, the CBS 6 Problem Solvers have confirmed with police.

Chesterfield Schools confirmed Tuesday that an investigation was underway after a Thomas Dale High School student was charged in relation to an incident on the Chester campus "several weeks ago."

While school principal Dr. Anthony McLaurin did not provide details about the incident, the CBS 6 Problem Solvers confirmed it involved a 15-year-old male student and a 15-year-old female student.

The girl told CBS 6 that her classmate forced her into a school bathroom where he sexually assaulted her.

That alleged crime happened on Friday, February 25. The teenage suspect was arrested on March 14.

It is unclear whether the boy was removed from the school after the girl informed school officials about the alleged attack.

School officials told the girl she could stay home the Monday and Tuesday following the alleged attack so they could transfer the boy out of her class, her mother told the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

While the Thomas Dale principal informed parents and school staff of the arrest, the girl's mother said the school has not provided enough support to her daughter since she first reported the alleged attack.

"It's the hardest thing we've ever gone through," the mother, whose identity is being withheld in an effort to keep her daughter's name private, said. “They were actually able to pull the video footage [from the hallway] of him pulling her first by one wrist and then by both wrists into the bathroom.”

Chesterfield student arrested for school rape: 'He pulled her into the bathroom'

She went on to described what she saw in the video.

"They were actually able to pull the video footage up of him pulling her first by one wrist and then by both wrists into the bathroom. He takes her into the largest bathroom stall where he fights with her to unbutton her pants and then when he got her pants down, he forced himself on her," the mother said through tears. "Luckily, the bell rang and she says he said 'oh S-word' and tells her not to tell anybody and runs out the bathroom."

Later that day, she went to St. Mary's Hospital for an examination and treatment for potential sexually transmitted diseases.

"They did an exam of her. Took a lot of pictures. Oh, it was tough," her mother said.

The mother believes that it is impossible to detail what all was taken from her daughter that day.

"Everything. Her innocence, her trust, she says she trusted him. I would even say the trust by the school was taken. They still aren't reaching out. Like, I feel as though they should. They're unsympathetic," her mother said. "My daughter is more than just your reputation. Feels like they don't care."

Chesterfield student arrested for school rape: 'He pulled her into the bathroom'

When asked about its response to the alleged attack, Chesterfield Schools spokesperson Shawn Smith provided the following statement:

"The school division has been in continuous contact with Chesterfield Police throughout their investigation. These are very serious charges, and the school division takes very seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Students who violate student conduct regulations are subject to suspension and/or expulsion, and, if the offense is a violation of the law, to prosecution.”

The Thomas Dale freshman arrested for rape was being held at the Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Center following his arrest.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, CBS6 Problem Solvers reached out to Gov. Glenn Youngkin for a statement on the alleged incident. Youngkin highlighted the importance of education and transparency with parents following events within Loudoun County Public Schools.

The following quote was shared by Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter:

The Youngkin administration is committed to ensuring all children are safe in Virginia's schools. This is a shocking and horrifying report. We have full confidence in the Chesterfield police department to fully investigate the matter.

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