Coast Guard rescues 57-year old man stranded on sailboat in Chesapeake Bay during severe weather

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Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 21, 2021

CAPE CHARLES, Va.— The Coast Guard rescued a 57-year-old man who was stranded on a sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay during severe weather.

According to the Coast Guard, a man is reportedly suffering mild hypothermia symptoms, after his sailboat was beset by severe weather approximately three miles southwest of Wolf Trap Light in the Chesapeake Bay around noon on Friday.

Officials say they received a notification of the distress from the man’s sister around 9:30 a.m., and issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast to local mariners.

The boat crew rescued the man from the disabled sailboat and took him to shore where he was treated by York County emergency medical services.

"Today’s case is an example of what can happen in severe weather, but my crew and I were happy to get the mariner to safety,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Manzoline, the coxswain of the response boat that conducted the rescue. “It’s important for people to check the weather before going out and to have the proper safety equipment like life jackets and marine radios and to properly dress for cold water temperatures."