Coffeehouse not only brews coffee, but countless love stories that started there

cure coffeehouse 2.jpg
Posted at 1:28 PM, Feb 14, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - Love stories are often set in castles or small faraway villages, but behind the doors at Cure Coffeehouse, several personal love stories have started or continued.

"They met their significant other here, their first dates were here,” Kari Austin, the creative manager at Cure Coffeehouse, told News 3. “They got married after they got engaged here."

One would normally hear the sound of coffee dripping and the espresso machine hissing, but not love stories. So what makes this place keen for love to brew?

"It's a mystery to us too,” Austin said. “But we certainly take the high regard. It's something that we love hearing."

Austin said she has been collecting stories from people who have started relationships at the coffeehouse. One of those stories includes her own.

“I actually met my husband here five years ago when he was a customer and I used to work behind the bar,” Austin said. "He kept coming in every time I was working and we slowly forged a bond."

Jen and David Adams also formed a bond at Cure.

"When we met at Cure Coffeehouse, it was the first time we both felt an instant connection,” Jen told News 3 over Zoom. “We sat there for probably four hours, just drinking coffee and sharing information about our lives."

Then in February 2020, they got married and chose to have their wedding at Cure Coffeehouse before moving to Japan, where David is stationed.

"We thought we'd just pop in there for a quick wedding, try not to interrupt anyone with their service, and what they did for us just simply amazing," Jen said.

The store decorated the shop, Jen and David's friends came and customers there celebrated along.

"That's how I describe it, as kind of like a fairy tale,” Jen said.

As to when the next love story will begin at Cure, that remains a mystery.