N.C. announces COVID-19 testing order for all nursing home staff biweekly as state COVID-19 cases reach 132,812

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Posted at 1:19 PM, Aug 07, 2020

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services released their daily update involving coronavirus cases within the state.

As of Friday there are now 132,812 cases, 1,123 people hospitalized and 2,134 coronavirus related deaths.

That is 1,545 new cases, -24 hospitalizations and 42 additional deaths from Thursday.

A total of 1,939,812 total coronavirus tests have been completed in North Carolina.

On Friday Dr. Mandy Cohen announced that to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes North Carolina is now ordering all nursing home staff to be tested for the virus every two weeks.

The state is leveraging federal CARES act funding to help facilities with the costs of the testing.

There are also 10 new regional prevention support strike teams being put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 to nursing homes.

Here's the breakdown of confirmed cases in local areas:

  • Bertie County 263 cases, 5 deaths (+0 cases from Thursday)
  • Camden County 68 cases, 2 deaths (+3 cases from Thursday)
  • Chowan County 150 cases, 1 death (+2 cases from Thursday)
  • Currituck County 72 cases, 0 deaths (+1 cases from Thursday)
  • Dare County 206 cases, 2 deaths (+1 cases from Thursday)
  • Gates County 46 cases, 2 deaths (+1 cases from Thursday)
  • Hertford County 316 cases, 11 deaths (+3 cases from Thursday)
  • Northampton County 286 cases, 16 deaths (+2 cases from Thursday)
  • Pasquotank County 388 cases, 19 deaths (+17 cases from Thursday)
  • Perquimans County 80 cases, 2 deaths (+4 cases from Thursday)

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