North Carolina to get Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot COVID-19 vaccine doses Wednesday

Johnson and Johnson
Posted at 10:18 AM, Mar 01, 2021

North Carolina is scheduled to get the Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID-19 vaccine doses on Wednesday.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was tested and found to be a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine to protect against virus-related hospitalization and death.

The federal government authorized the distribution of Johnson & Johnson’s (Janssen) one-shot vaccine and more than 80,000 doses are expected to arrive in the North Carolina this week, beginning on Wednesday, state officials said.

“A third COVID-19 vaccine means North Carolina can get more people vaccinated sooner, which will save lives and slow the spread,” said North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy K. Cohen, M.D.

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Like the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines currently in use, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine protects against virus-related hospitalization and death. There are possible temporary reactions, such as a sore arm, fever, headache or feeling tired and achy for a day or two.

North Carolina officials said this increased supply will help to ensure the equitable distribution and access to COVID-19 vaccines in every community in the state. The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is a single-dose shot and does not require extreme cold storage. As a result, it can be more easily shipped, stored and administered, factors that will help to increase the number of vaccination sites and make them more accessible.

“COVID-19 vaccines and the continued use of the 3 Ws are the most effective ways to help North Carolina stop the spread of COVID-19, get us back in control of our lives and back to the people and places we love,” said Secretary Cohen.

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