Over 7,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients have now been discharged in Virginia

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Posted at 11:18 AM, Jun 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-12 11:18:56-04

The Virginia Department of Health released their daily updated numbers involving coronavirus cases within the state.

According to their website, there are now 53,211 total cases, 50,853 of which are confirmed and 2,358 are probable. There are 1,534 total coronavirus related deaths, with 1,426 being confirmed and 108 probable. The case numbers are up by 564, and deaths are up by 14 since Thursday.

A total of 448,172 PCR testing encounters have happened in Virginia.

The VHD said on Friday that COVID-19 diagnostic testing data reported by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) will reflect a sharp increase in PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests completed in Virginia. Friday's testing report includes 43,000 PCR tests. Two laboratories began electronic reporting to VDH this week, allowing a backlog of negative tests to be included in today’s testing report, the VDH said. Positive test results from these labs were hand entered into the system when they were received to support follow-up by public health staff. The addition of these negative tests will result in a decrease in the percent of positive PCR tests. One lab had roughly 18,000 results and the other had around 13,500 results. The remainder of the figure reflects regular daily reporting. VDH reports labs by lab report date on their website. These results will be presented based on the actual date the laboratory reported the test result, the VDH said.

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association also updated their numbers. As of Friday there are 663 people currently being hospitalized for coronavirus. There are 363 people currently receiving inpatient hospital care whose test results are pending. 297 confirmed positive patients, and those whose test results are pending, are currently hospitalized in the ICU.

143 hospital patients, both confirmed for coronavirus, and those with test results pending, are currently on a ventilator. 614 ventilators are being used in hospitals out of the 2,975 in the state - that's 21% usage.

7,002 patients who have been hospitalized for coronavirus have been discharged.

Here's the breakdown of confirmed cases in local areas:

  • Chesapeake 636 cases, 99 hospitalized, 16 deaths
  • Accomack 987cases, 58 hospitalized, 13deaths
  • Northampton 259 cases, 34 hospitalized, 27 deaths
  • Hampton 234 cases, 37 hospitalized, 5 deaths
  • Norfolk 630 cases, 74 hospitalized, 7 deaths
  • James City County 230 cases, 56 hospitalized, 15 deaths
  • Newport News 351 cases, 41 hospitalized, 10 deaths
  • Poquoson 11 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths
  • Williamsburg 49 cases, 11 hospitalized, 5 deaths
  • York County 90 cases, 10 hospitalized, 3 deaths
  • Portsmouth 370 cases, 56 hospitalized, 11 deaths
  • Gloucester 35 cases, 9 hospitalized, 1 deaths
  • Virginia Beach 847 cases, 107 hospitalized, 27 deaths
  • Franklin City 43 cases, 3 hospitalized, 2 deaths
  • Isle of Wight 150 cases, 15 hospitalized, 8 deaths
  • Southampton 155 cases, 7 hospitalized, 2 deaths
  • Suffolk 337 cases, 52 hospitalized, 33 deaths

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