Overcoming the Odds: Virginia Beach woman with Down Syndrome conquers COVID-19

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Posted at 8:26 AM, Feb 08, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Since she was born she has battled brain issues, heart issues and is living with Down Syndrome.

But so far, nothing has stopped 34-year-old Beki Powell, not even a nearly catastrophic case of COVID-19.

"God sent me my special angel," Kathy Powell and Beki sing together, comfy and relaxed in their Virginia Beach home.

"She is nothing short of a miracle," says Kathy.

Beki came home on Wednesday, February 3, after spending 37 days inside Sentara Leigh with a nearly fatal case of coronavirus.

"Right before Christmas we all contracted COVID. Kathy tells us Beki started having trouble breathing and walked down the stairs and basically onto a gurney."

Beki , was intubated immediately.

"That was the last contact we had with our daughter, for two weeks we weren't allowed near her," said Kathy.

Since the entire family was battling the illness, Beki was left to fight for her life, alone.

"We saw a picture of her on a ventilator and we thought that would be the last image we had of her because we were losing her," Kathy explained. "It is like having a two year old taken from you and being alone on life support.

For nearly 40 days Beki clawed her way out of the symptoms from COVID-19.

"We just had to let go and trust God to take care of her and the amazing doctors and nurses," said Powell.

Beki eventually overcame insurmountable odds, leaving her doctors and nurses.

Now she is home and telling us who she really is.

"Superstar," shouts Beki.

She is excited to recover in her new Frozen themed bedroom, with a frozen themed shirt -- Slurpees are Beki's favorite.

"Slurpee's yeah," she said with a smile.

Beki crushed COVID-19, and every obstacle in her path, a shining example that miracles do happen.

"God shows us that she is a symbol of hope even in a dark time there is something to always hold onto."