Virginia Beach reports 11 COVID-19 related deaths in a day

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 14:40:39-05

The Virginia Department of Health released their daily updated numbers involving COVID-19 cases within the state.

According to their website, there are now 1,491,993 total cases, 1,065,552 of which are confirmed and 426,441 are probable. There are 16,002 total COVID-19 related deaths, with 13,361 being confirmed and 2,641 being probable. The case numbers are up by 10,699 and deaths are up by 54 since Monday.

A total of 12,129,973 COVID-19 PCR tests have now been given in Virginia.

As of TuesdayVirginia has given a total of 14,618,287 COVID-19 vaccines. That is an average of 13,517 statewide doses given in a day. The table below gives more information about local vaccine distribution.

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association also updated their numbers. As of Tuesday, there are 3,445 people currently being hospitalized, confirmed with COVID-19. There are 158 people receiving inpatient hospital care whose test results are still pending. Combined, there are a total of 3,603 people being hospitalized for coronavirus-related illness.

604 confirmed positive patients, and those whose test results are pending, are currently hospitalized in the ICU.

87,909 patients who have been hospitalized for coronavirus have been discharged.

Here's the breakdown of COVID-19 case and vaccine information for local areas: