Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office: Five staff members, 104 inmates test positive for COVID-19

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Posted at 4:30 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 16:30:59-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - After another round of mass testing, five Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office staff members and 104 jail inmates have tested positive for COVID-19

Officials said the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office tested 1,584 inmates, deputies, civilians and contractors for COVID-19 on November 9. All of the tests have been processed and five staff members and 104 inmates have tested positive. At the recommendation of the VDH, everyone will be tested again in the near future, officials said.

Of the inmates who tested positive, 74 are new positives (30 had previously tested positive). Those inmates were notified by medical staff and placed in quarantine, where they are being closely monitored and provided any needed medical care. Officials said they have also been given an opportunity to notify friends and family.

Four deputies and one civilian who work in the jail also tested positive. They were directed to quarantine at home and seek medical attention, if needed, until cleared by a physician to return to work.

This is the VBSO’s third mass testing. The first two took place in June and October.

The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office’s full COVID-19 testing data is available by clicking here on its website.

The Sheriff's Office said additional steps are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Those steps include:

  • Issuing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff members working the COVID-19 quarantine blocks.
  • Closing the Correctional Center to all non-employees, including volunteers. Sworn and civilian staff and contractors are still working to ensure the safety and security of the facility and provide for the feeding and medical care of the inmate population. They are required to wear masks and complete a wellness screening before each shift.
  • Ceasing transfers of inmates to and from the Virginia Beach Courthouse and other jurisdictions. Staff will facilitate inmate court appearances by video whenever possible.
  • Canceling the Weekender Program and postponing delayed confinement reporting until at least Nov. 30. Anyone scheduled to report before that date will be issued a new reporting date and will not be booked into the Correctional Center until after Nov. 30.
  • Conducting additional cleaning and sanitation throughout the jail.

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