Virginia Beach Waste Management sees dramatic increase in waste pick-up demand

Posted at 11:59 AM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 12:03:03-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - As many people are stuck home due to coronavirus, Virginia Beach Waste Management have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for waste collection pick-up.

The Virginia Beach Waste Management staff has been severely limited due to childcare and quarantine related leave, according to city officials.

Waste Management conducted research to see the increase in waste collection from April 3 to April 27.

Based on their findings, there was a 19% increase in trash from 2019, with 9,481 tons of trash collected curbside. There was also a 19% increase in curbside collection of yard waste, with 4,288 tons of yard waste collected.

Recycling also has increased since 2019 by 23%, according to data collected by Waste Management.

Virginia Beach Waste Management says there was a 50% increase in trash at the landfill since 2019.

Household Hazardous Waste have also seen an increase of 40%.

With more Virginia Beach residents staying home, household items such as metal objects have seen a 30% increase. According to data, 462 tons of bulk items, such as couches were collected.

Residents are even renting yard debris trailer more since being home by 69%.

The city's Waste Management have seen a dramatic increase in customer service calls and emails. Since 2019, data shows there was a 62% increase of emails and 48% increase of calls.

Social media engagement has seen the largest increase by 954%.

Due to 14.25 employees out each day from COVID-19, Virginia Beach Public Works employees have received 1,786 hours of overtime all together.

City officials ask residents to have patience and understanding and know that the Virginia Beach Waste Management staff is working hard to provide the highest level of service possible.

When setting trash on the curb, residents must make sure it is within regulation and that, if it's a bulky item, to have requested that type of service from the Customer Service Department.