Courtland Inn damaged by Isaias, Virginia State Police respond to assist

Posted at 9:06 AM, Aug 04, 2020

SUFFOLK, Va. - Virginia State Police are assisting Suffolk Police after Isaias moved through the area, causing damage to buildings.

Police said they are helping across the city and in Courtland at the Palm Tree Inn. Despite intense damage, Sheriff's Deputies say no one was seriously hurt.

A photo shared by VSP showed the Inn, which looked as though it had damage to the roof and debris on and around the building.

Multiple buildings were damaged overnight, and the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down.

The Courtland Farmers Market was severely damaged in the storm. "It's quite overwhelming. You have no idea what the wind can do until you see it," said Ricky Jones, who works at the market. Jones and his co-workers worked to salvage as much as they can.

"If there's a blessing out of all this, there was nobody here and nobody got hurt," said Jones. "I suppose the physical damage can be repaired and replaced, but you can't get a human life back."