Bucketheads Beach Grill to remain closed for at least a month following Monday morning fire

Posted at 9:44 AM, Jan 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-04 13:21:13-05

NORFOLK, Va. - Virginia Beach fire crews responded to a fire at Bucketheads Beach Grill Monday morning.

News 3 spoke with the owner of Bucketheads, who says the restaurant will remain closed for at least a month.

The owner adds that he is devastated by the fire; not only because he is closing the doors on his customers, but his employees as well.

The owner said the business had finally fully rebounded after COVID-19 lockdowns and he was met with tears when he had to lay off his employees once again.

Bronte Keznor, the owner of Beach-Built, a local boutique right across the street, told News 3 what she saw Monday morning.

"I basically kept hearing sirens, ambulances, fire trucks, I was wondering what was going on, I looked across the street and Bucketheads was up in smoke," she said.

Keznor says her cousins and friends go to Bucketheads for karaoke night and will miss their favorite neighborhood spot.

"My sister, my cousins, and their friends go to Bucketheads for karaoke every week...they'll miss their nights out for sure," she said.

Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause of Monday's fire.

Officials said there was no one in the building so there are no injuries reported.

Two eastbound lanes of Shore Drive were closed off due to the fire, but have since reopened.