'Definitely a Grinch move': Christmas inflatables slashed in York County

Posted at 5:49 PM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 10:33:50-05

Is the Grinch in Grafton? Over the weekend, two neighbors on the same street in York County reported their inflatables were slashed, left in shreds on their front lawns.

"It’s definitely a Grinch move to mess with someone’s decorations for Christmas," said Alison Kessler, whose Christmas inflatables were vandalized. "Only the Grinch would do something like that."

Kessler’s prized possessions are her Christmas inflatables, specifically Snoopy.

"This is my Snoopy. There's a big hole," Kessler said as she showed News 3 reporter Ellen Ice the damage.

Overnight Saturday, a Grinch — or Grinches — came through and tried to ruin Christmas.

“Frosty was ripped off the fence and the fence post was ripped as well, thrown over one of the other blow-ups," Kessler said. "One of our Snoopys, which is part of my collection, a huge hole was put into him and he’s destroyed."

Kessler told us the inflatables cost maybe a couple hundred dollars, but to her, they're priceless.

She also told us she didn't even feel like decorating this year, but did it for her granddaughters.

"I was extremely disappointed," Kessler said. "I did cry, I was very sad."

Kessler says she can only hope, like in the story, Christmas spirit will prevail.

“In the end, the Grinch's heart grew, so hopefully whoever did this will have some remorse and maybe learn a lesson," she said.