Dominion Energy warns Hampton Roads about power outages as winter storm hits

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Posted at 3:36 PM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-29 07:44:52-05

HAMPTON, Va.— Snow is hit our area again! But along with the snow, city leaders in Hampton roads are concerned about the strong winds.

News 3 caught up with Domnion Energy about the possibility of power outages throughout Hampton roads and the peninsula, and what you need to know.

Paula Miller, Dominion Energy, "Down come the lines, the tree limbs fall on our lines, poll snaps, cross-arm break and those are the type of situations our crews face when we get into significant weather events like this one."

Prompting Dominion Energy to have crews work around the clock to restore power and fix down lines.

"Our power went out last time for about 3 hours, so I am concerned because it get's cold real quick" said Newport News resident Paul Barber.

"There trucks have been ready, and they restocked from the last storm and they do that immediately so there ready to roll on a moments notice" said Miller.

According to Dominion Energy with the snow weighing down on trees and the wind picking up, it will pull down branches and cause them to fall on a power line leading many families to turn to their generators.

"Make sure that it's fueled, tested, and properly connected before the storm arrives. Make sure it's used outdoors" said Miller.

Families in Hampton said power outages are not their only concern. Laura Perrot, Preparing for weather said "Those high winds, kind of scary. That's a whole other factor that comes into play."

Perrot said after what she saw on I-95, Friday she is making sure she has a safety kit to put in her car. "I'm going to make sure I have blankets, waters, granola bars, just in case."

With round two of severe weather, some families are taking extra steps to stay safe.

"I'm making sure with my phones to have them charged up. I have extra batteries just in case for lights, and I'm putting more stuff in case we do have to go somewhere in my car because you just never know" said Barber.

Dominion Energy advises these are the three things people should do if their power goes out. The first is to download Dominion Energy app to report it, have a safety kit, and keep your pets away from downed lines.

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