Driver charged with felony hit-and-run after crashing into Chesapeake hotel

Posted at 7:19 AM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 14:32:15-05

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - A vehicle ran into a hotel late Thursday night and caused damage.

The incident happened at the Studios & Suites 4 Less in the Western Branch section of the city. Officials said the crash caused "significant damage to critical utilities."

Firefighters responded around 11 p.m., and when they got to the scene they found a vehicle had struck the building, causing significant utility damage. The driver also drove away from the scene, fire officials said.

After the crash, Columbia Gas was called to the scene to shut off a damaged natural gas line, the City of Chesapeake Public Utilities Department shut water off to the building due to a damaged water main and Dominion Energy has also been requested as additional damage was found to the electrical meter base.

With all three utilities being compromised, the building was evacuated and management had to relocate over 100 tenants.

Later on Friday police said the suspect returned to the scene and was charged. That driver was 22-year-old Estuardo Martinez and he was charged with Felony Hit & Run and Reckless Driving.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

The Chesapeake Police Department is now investigating the hit and run incident.