FDA crackdown on vaping flavors has blind spot: disposables

Teen Vaping Disposables
Teen Vaping Disposables
Posted at 10:16 AM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-09 10:25:25-05

The U.S. government has started enforcing new restrictions on flavored electronic cigarettes. But some teenagers may be one step ahead of them.

Parents, students and researchers report that some young people have switched to disposable e-cigarettes, which are not covered by the crackdown on flavors.

The newer products are sold under brands like Puff Bar and Stig in flavors such as pink lemonade and tropical mango.

The flavor restrictions that went into effect Thursday only apply to reusable e-cigarettes like Juul, the brand that helped trigger the teen vaping craze.

Teenagers say disposables are cheaper and easier to hide from parents and teachers.