FDA fast-tracking treatments while medical workers desperately need equipment during pandemic

There are 94 coronavirus cases in the state of Virginia
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Posted at 5:18 AM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 06:11:04-04

President Trump is saying he has pushed the Food and Drug Administration to eliminate barriers to getting treatments for coronavirus to patients.

The FDA says it is now fast tracking antiviral treatments. Reports say one is currently being used against malaria.

Although a vaccine is still not available against the spread of the coronavirus – President Trump says with the FDA now fast tracking antiviral treatments – this could be a game changer.

However, medical professionals on the frontlines are getting concerned with the lack of protective gear when treating their patients.

Many of these health workers are reporting that they are not given or in some cases have been denied equipment to keep them safe from patients who have or are suspected of having coronavirus.

The CDC is now advising to use homemade masks like bandannas or scarves for the care of patients who have tested positive for the virus as a last resort.

Dr. Sejal Hathi of Massachusetts General Hospital says, "Hospitals across the country are rapidly running out of masks, gowns, protective eye-wear that they desperately need. We are being asked to reuse and recycle single-use respirators and surgical masks when we go see patients."

With the number of cases rising every single day - right now there are 94 in the state of Virginia – medical leaders are urging the public to continue taking this seriously.

No matter what age you are - stay at home, practice clean hygiene and social distancing as we all continue to navigate this new normal reality.