Federal prosecutors rest their case in trial of former Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe

Former Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe pleads not guilty to corruption charges
Posted at 4:26 PM, Aug 13, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - Federal prosecutors rested their case in the trial of former Sheriff Bob McCabe on Friday afternoon.

Next up, the defense will present its evidence as McCabe tries to avoid conviction on 11 federal charges.

On Friday, James Baylor, who's a friend of McCabe's, testified the former head of Correct Care Solutions, Jerry Boyle, gave McCabe a check for $12,500 with the "pay to the order of" section blank. Correct Care Solutions was the medical services provider at the jail.

Boyle didn't want it revealed he was making additional campaign contributions to McCabe, Baylor testified. At McCabe's direction, Baylor said he put his name on the check and deposited the $12,500 into his account.

Then, he had three of his friends write checks to McCabe's campaign for mayor. Baylor said he then reimbursed the men with some of the $12,500. One of McCabe's charges is money laundering.

Baylor is a wealthy businessman, who owns dozens of properties around Hampton Roads and several restaurants in Downtown Norfolk, including 456 Fish.

Baylor also testified he let McCabe borrow his limo, lent him money for gambling, and paid for repairs at McCabe's house. Baylor also said McCabe helped him make connections with members of the Norfolk City Council to lease one of his properties.

During cross examination, Baylor said he did all of this for McCabe because they were friends and that McCabe helped with city council because they were friends.

During the afternoon, two civilian employees who worked under McCabe when he was sheriff testified a former high-ranking deputy told them McCabe told him to reveal competing bids to Boyle. The high-ranking deputy, who's now deceased, refused the request, the two said.

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McCabe's attorney questioned why it took the two years to come forward with this information.

The trial will resume on Tuesday, but with one fewer juror. A juror was excused on Friday after experiencing COVID-like symptoms. Three alternates remain.