Finishing your holiday shopping late? Gifts you can get before the year ends

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Posted at 9:08 AM, Dec 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-18 09:08:05-05

Some holidays have already passed and we're closing in on others, so if you haven't finished your shopping, the jig is almost up.

Procrastinators, gather round! News 3's Erin Miller spoke with Consumer Reports about what items you can get before the year ends, and which items you can wait on.

Tanya Christian, a multimedia content manager with Consumer Reports, says that air fryers are at the top of the list of most popular gifts this year.

"Air fryers have been very popular throughout the pandemic, and really even before, because they deliver on this promise of giving you that fried taste without oil," she said. "A digital air fryer is really at the top of our list."

She says they're pretty reasonably priced, at around $50 at Walmart.

And good news — we checked online at stores around Hampton Roads and they're still in stock.

Consumer Reports says a lot more people have been spending time in the kitchen during the pandemic, so a chef's knife from Henckels is a good get. The Henckels Premio knife is under $50, too.

Don't get bogged down by trying to buy something brand-name, though. Consumer Reports says sometimes, the less-known products perform better.

"That's the great thing about our testing, because you're not going to the store and just picking up a random item that you think, 'OK, I hope it works.' These items have already been in Consumer Reports labs, they've been tested by engineers," Christian said.

But what if you go online and nothing's in stock? A gift card might not be as flashy as a big wrapped gift, but the person you're buying it for can wait until 2022 when their dream gift is back in stock — and maybe the prices have come down a bit.

There are also local options, including the Retail Alliance's gift guide featuring small businesses in Hampton Roads. From jewelry to kitchen appliances, technology and activity gifts, you may be able to find something even better than what you had your eye on originally.

You can also download the LOVEVA app to browse local businesses and search by category.