Flamethrower drone incinerates wasp nests in China

China Flying Flamethrower
Posted at 9:02 AM, Dec 12, 2020

BEIJING (AP) — A drone has been converted into a flying flamethrower in central China in a fiery campaign to eradicate more than 100 wasp nests.

Villagers in Zhong county have teamed up with Blue Sky Rescue, a volunteer group that conducts search and rescue and other emergency work.

They raised 80,000 yuan, or $12,200, to buy a drone and equip it with a gasoline tank and an arm-length nozzle. In videos released by Blue Sky, the drone operator flips the ignition switch and the drone spits bursts of fire onto a hive.

The operation has destroyed 11 hives. There are more than 100 to go.