Free training available for people looking to start new career in healthcare

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Posted at 2:19 PM, Feb 16, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The unemployment rate in Hampton Roads is currently 5.3 percent.

It's a big improvement from the beginning of the pandemic, but it still isn't where it was before the virus started spreading.

If you're trying to find a new job, there is help available.

A company called MedCerts is is providing online training for national certifications in IT and healthcare, which is in high demand.

"Everywhere you go, healthcare - both in the metropolitan areas as well as the rural areas all over the country have a high demand for healthcare," said Sandy Mead with MedCerts, "different allied healthcare positions, whether it's medical office or patient care opportunities as well."

Through the Virginia Beach Pandemic Relief Partnership, the training is being provided at no cost.

Mead says students will start the training at the end of April and finish it in early July.

If starting a new career seems a little daunting, Shawn Avery with Hampton Roads Workforce Council says he has a team that can walk you through this and other opportunities.

"Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, but that's what we're there for," said Avery, "and I do want to add to that most of the programs we have now are no cost to the individual, so we can actually help cover the full tuition costs for an individual at this point in time."

To learn more about some of the opportunities available through the Virginia Beach Pandemic Relief Partnership, click here.

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