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Newport News declares November as "Gratitude Month"

Posted at 5:11 PM, Nov 09, 2021

NEWPORT NEWS, Va.— Giving thanks is something we always do in the month of November, but in Newport News they’re extending a new challenge to residents. They're starting an "Attitude of Gratitude" campaign to encourage all of us to give back.

McKinley Price, Newport News Mayor said "It's been tough and we just want to show appreciation to our employees to our community, to our businesses that we appreciate what they've gone through and the way to do that is to show gratitude."

Not only gratitude but positivity! Starting with your attitude.

"When you think about it attitude is the only thing you really have control over, how you approach the day, how you get up, whether you're going to be positive, what is your outlook on life" said Price.

This campaign also highlights leaders within the community that are making a change. Shariff Boyd a Philly native said planting roots within Newport News has molded him to become a big brother figure among his peers.

"Being sort of the model student I felt if though I was obligated to lead them in a direction that I'm actually walking. That way they can be better then what they were especially if they are from the Newport News area. I feel as though if I can do it they can do it 10x better than me" said Boyd.

Mayor price tells News3 this is a big way to get the community to engage with one another, but also to express what you're thankful for during this pandemic. Our News3 reporter Kelsey Jones said "As a Newport News native, I'm thankful to be back home reporting for the community I grew up in and love."

"If you're thankful for it make sure you give things for your blessings because a lot of blessings get overlooked and when they're overlooked there comes a bunch of hardships. So if you're going to show gratitude show it with 100% efficiency" said Boyd.

This campaign will include activities and contests, along with posting videos on social media and weekly giveaways which will be on the City of Newport News Facebook and Instagram pages. The city of Newport News is encouraging you to post your blessings on social media with the hashtags "NewsofGratitude and #NationalGratitudeMonth. The videos with the most views will be posted on the city's social media pages and winners at the end of the month get a prize.

November will be officially declared as National Gratitude Month for the city of Newport News at their City Council meeting November 9.