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Pandemic prose: Writers give a voice to challenging times through NSU's virtual writers festival

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Posted at 5:57 PM, Apr 05, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - A year of COVID-19 isolation has inspired a pandemic prose. Creative writers are offering a voice to these challenging times, and right on time, Norfolk State University is rolling out the 7th William Carroll Writers Festival starting Tuesday.

Over the next three days, participants in the virtual festival will be treated to hearing from published writers and will get the opportunity to join teaching sessions. There will be performances and tools for those who are looking for guidance in creating their own works.

If you are wondering who should attend, the only price of admission is a love of the written word, says NSU English professor Keela Boose.

We asked Boose if she agreed with the sentiment that there’s a renewed interest in creative writing after a year of the pandemic.

“I absolutely agree there’s a renewed interest in writing and reading excellent works, and so many of us have had time to ponder and think about everything that’s gone on and write about it, and so I think you’re going to receive or get a new crop of writing of literature, poetry - all kinds of things,” she said.

NSU’s writers festival coincides with National Poetry Month. If you’re interested in attending the free virtual event, click here for sign-up information. You can also email