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Virginia Safari Park celebrates 'Cinco de Rhino'

Posted at 10:28 AM, May 05, 2021

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. -- The Virginia Safari Park is celebrating "Cinco de Rhino" on May 5 after welcoming two baby White rhinos at the end of 2020, and adding a new rhino encounter feature.

Rhino mothers Samira and Kya each welcomed a calf, one male and one female.

Samira and Kya were imported from South Africa in 2012 with two other White Rhinos to protect them from rampant poaching, according to the Park. So far, the park has welcomed the birth of six Southern White rhinos.

And now, you can see go see them! Virginia Safari Park is offering daily rhino encounters as a new feature in 2021.

A percentage of each tour helps support their ongoing rhino conservation efforts in the wild, they said.

In the wild, it is estimated that one rhino is killed every 10 hours for its horn, according to the Park. Rhino gestation is 16 months, resulting in a slow increase in population numbers toward recovery.

The Virginia Safari Park said they're dedicated to saving the future of wild rhinos, and donated more than $12,000 in the past three years to the International Rhino Foundation.

Virginia Safari Park is a 180-acre drive-thru adventure with over 1,500 animals from around the world that supports wildlife conservation in 135+ countries globally through financial aid, public education, captive breeding and habitat preservation.