Gov. Northam proposes major raise for Virginia teachers over 2 year period

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Posted at 10:01 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-06 10:01:10-05

Governor Ralph Northam announced Monday that he will propose a two-year state budget next week that includes record funding for public education, including a 10% pay raise for teachers.

This is part of his ‘Thank You, Virginia’ Tour which was also launched Monday.

In a news release from Northam’s office officials said Virginia has already increased teacher salaries more than 10% under Governor Northam’s time in office. The release said this is the largest increase in 15 years. This latest raise would push Virginia’s teacher pay above the national average.

Governor Northam’s proposal will increase compensation 5% a year in each of the next two budget years, for a cumulative increase of 10.25%. When matched by local funds, the increase would push compensation for the typical Virginia teacher above the national average, the release said.

Governor Northam noted that local budgets have been significantly augmented by federal and state pandemic relief dollars. These funds include more than $1.3 billion of federal CARES Act dollars that Virginia allocated to localities in 2020, and another nearly $3 billion in federal ARPA funds (American Rescue Plan) for counties and cities in Virginia earlier this year.

“Paying teachers is the right thing to do, and a wise investment,” said Governor Northam. “Virginia has invested in teachers in a big way over these past four years, and now it’s time to do much more. Our country has asked teachers to carry a heavy load, especially during the pandemic. They have delivered, and they deserve to be rewarded. This raise is possible because of strong, steady fiscal stewardship. Virginia’s strong economy has delivered booming revenues. What we’ve been doing these four years is working, and Virginia should continue it.”

Click here to read the entire release from Northam’s office for more information.