Gov. Northam says state needs triple amount of doses to vaccinate Virginia by summer

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Posted at 4:21 PM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 17:51:02-05

NORFOLK, Va.— Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was in Hampton roads Wednesday on the final day of a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for Norfolk educators.

This comes as the district has kept students and teachers home to start the new year while they continue to measure health metrics.

Kyleigh Hannigan is an elementary school teacher who says she misses the classroom every day.

“I’m ready to be a teacher again. I’m ready to be in the classroom with my kiddos,” she said.

Hannigan was one of nearly 2,300 educators who signed up to get their vaccine during the event.

It is still optional for educator to get vaccinated. Those who didn’t sign up for the event can get their shot later and will still be prioritized.

Hannigan’s message to others is, “Get vaccines, stay safe and hopefully we can get our lives back to normal and these babies back in classrooms.”

Northam says Virginia is getting around 120,000 doses a week but says that isn’t enough.

“In order to vaccinate the entire population of Virginia by summertime, we need about 350,000,” he said.

Despite this, the governor says vaccinations are going well in the state and getting students back in the classroom is a top priority.

Carlie Pearson is a high school teacher who was excited for her vaccination.

“As soon as it was available to me, I wanted to get vaccinated. I feel like the sooner people get vaccinated the quicker things will go back to normal,” said Pearson.

While someone teachers were eager to get their shots, others say they were worried.

“I got the shot because I wanted that extra layer of protection. I was very nervous and apprehensive about it at first. I needed a little coaxing, but I don’t regret it,” said Jeanetta Whitehurst.

One thing many can agree on— they’re excited these vaccines will help them get in the classroom and stay there.