Newport News students ordered to stay home after possible case of coronavirus return to school

Posted at 9:46 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 21:46:08-05

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — The four Newport News Public Schools students who were ordered to stay home to monitor a possible case of coronavirus after returning from their trip to China earlier this month have returned to school, a school spokesperson told News 3 Thursday.

The students were screened before leaving China and upon entering the United States at one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's quarantine stations, and they were cleared to travel home.

The Virginia Department of Health, in collaboration with the CDC, monitored the students and their families during their home stay.

All of the students returned to school last week with a release note from Virginia Department of Health officials, and none of them ever presented any symptoms, the spokesperson said.

News 3 reported earlier this month that Denbigh, Warwick and Woodside High School families were informed that the four students were placed on self-monitoring at home with public health supervision for 14 days. The students attended school for one day during the week of February 3 before they were ordered to stay home.

The Virginia Department of Health said the students posed "little to no risk to the school population."