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High school graduation procession moves through historic downtown Williamsburg

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-12 13:47:11-04

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - School districts are getting creative in these unprecedented times as seniors are graduating from high school.

News 3 was there for the procession throughout the streets of historic Williamsburg as the seniors of Lafayette High School celebrated the milestone of graduating high school.

Cars were decorated and banners were waving as parents and relatives were beaming with pride during this special kind of graduation ceremony.

Students were catching up with their friends and classmates. Some of them had not seen each other since school was interrupted by COVID-19 back in March.

Seniors from the entire Williamsburg-James City County School district will also have another ceremony at Busch Gardens on Friday, which will include students from Jamestown High School and Warhill High School.

“I’m appreciative of everything they’re doing for the kids. They had to miss out on the real senior week and graduation. They did stuff up and they did what they had to do for the kids to make them excited because it is hard and was hard for them being at home not being able to see the works of their labor,” said parent Carleigh Tyler.

All the hard work that is getting them ready for the next step in life - some are off to the military, some are going to college and trade schools, while others are working.

“I’m excited to graduate. I accomplished this, so I’m very excited,” said senior Vashod Phillips.

Parent Marty Moreno said he really enjoyed the outdoor celebration better than the traditional ceremony in the auditorium.

He said, “Going to the auditorium and sitting there and waiting, I think it’s kind of a stuffy situation, and this is fun. It’s a change, and a lot of what we’re doing today is change.”

“It’s nice that they’re trying to give us an experience throughout all the stuff we missed this year. I appreciate that,” said senior Braden Underwood.

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