How to hide your roots until you can get back into the salon

Posted at 3:35 PM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 13:12:44-04

NORFOLK, Va. - With salons closed, a lot of people are scrambling to figure out what to do, especially if they're used to coloring their hair.

News 3 reached out to AOC Salon owner Dalbe Markman for some strategies you can use at home to conceal your roots for now.

First, she doesn't recommend using boxed hair dye unless you've tried it before.

"Even a professional has trouble working with boxed dye," Markman said.

The color that shows up on the box isn't necessarily how it'll look on your hair, and even if you think you know what shade you are based on your salon visits, she says colors vary widely depending on the brand.

Markman says it can cost hundreds of dollars to fix mistakes made using those kits.

Instead, she recommends just concealing your roots for now with products you already have around the house: mascara, eye shadow or contour powder depending on what color your hair is.

Getting your hair a little wet will help it stick if you're using a powder.

If you want to purchase some products to help cover your roots, she recommends going to styleedit or davines.

You can also switch up how you part your hair or use headbands to conceal really stubborn grays.

To try to prevent people from making mistakes at home, Markman says her salon is also offering an incentive to encourage people to let their roots grow out.

"We're encouraging our clients to hold on, don't get their hair colored, play with all these other suggestions we have and when they come back in with a fourth inch, or two inch root of natural color, we're giving away a travel size of Liquid Spell for as long as it lasts," Markman said. "This is a great product. It's like a mousse and it's a great treatment in addition to a volumizing product, and it has incredible shine."