Local sommelier offers tips and guidance on picking the perfect Valentine's Day wine

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Posted at 2:02 PM, Feb 13, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - Chocolates and flowers may be on your Valentine’s Day gift list, but what about wine?

"There's no better way to bring two people together than over wine and food,” Kiera Hill, a local wine sommelier, said.

All wines, according to Hill, are not the same. The wine you buy could make or break your Valentine’s Day.

"Anyone can say it's going to be the best wine, this is highly rated, this is what everybody recommends,” Hill said. "But if you don't like that wine, it's not going to make your night."

A sommelier is someone that is an expert on wine, studying the intricacies of wines and advising people looking for the perfect wine. Hill has been a sommelier for five years and owns Vino Culture Va., a small business that distributes domestic and foreign wines to people across Hampton Roads and the surrounding region.

"I got into the wine business because of my restaurant experience, and decided that I wanted to go full-fledge and nerd out, just focus on being a wine-geek," Hill said.

She said it is important to understand your personal tastes and what it is you want to get out of your wines.

"Prosecco I like because, despite your taste in wine, you're probably going to enjoy it,” she said. “The bubbles aren't as big, they're a little softer.”

"I really like red wines that pair well with food, because it's that wine and food together that makes the experience," she continued.

She says that red wine goes well with steaks, while prosecco pairs well with sushi, oysters and even french fries. Her business also offers a variety of wine brands as well.

"All of these are under $50 and truly a great value,” she said.

Vino Culture Va. also allows customers to create their own six-packs and cases up to 12 selections. If there is wine left over, Hill said you can put the wine in the fridge and it should last up to seven days. Red wines, she said, can last between three to five days.

Hill also provides virtual classes and seminars on wines on her website. She also offers in-home wine tastings.

For more information on Hill and Vino Culture Va., such as ordering wines, browsing selections and information on seminars, click here to be taken to the Vino Culture Va. Website.