Instacart workers seek strike as jobs get busier, riskier

Virus Outbreak Instacart
Posted at 7:48 PM, Mar 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-29 19:48:35-04

NEW YORK — The possibility of a strike by some Instacart workers highlights the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the grocery delivery business, where workers are worried about their safety as they try to meet a surge in demand for online groceries.

Some workers have called for a walk-out Monday, saying they need hazard pay and protective gear, among other demands.

Instacart announced some improvements to safety and its tips system Sunday.

Some workers are considering the strike, but others only recently took up the gig amid mass layoffs in other industries and appreciate a paying job.

The San Francisco-based delivery app is trying to hire 300,000 more workers — more than doubling its workforce —to fulfill orders it says have surged by 150% year-over year in the past weeks. The company said 50,000 new shoppers joined its platform in just the past week. Some customers are waiting days to receive orders, the Associated Press reports.

According to the Associated Press, Instacart has started offering bonuses of between $25 and $200 for its hourly employees dependent on hours worked until April 15.