Investigators find explosive materials inside Virginia Beach man's home, search warrant says

Virginia Beach Police
Posted at 2:51 PM, Aug 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-04 17:52:09-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Investigators found explosive materials inside a man's apartment, according to a search warrant.

Last month, a sheriff's deputy was evicting Daniel Burky from his apartment on Chapel Lake Drive, according to the court document.

The deputy noticed guns, flares, silence, fireworks, and substances in bags, the search warrant says.

The deputy called in police, whom then called in a fire investigator and the police bomb squad.

Testing was done on the materials in the bags and they were found to be ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, which investigators say can become explosive when mixed together.

The materials can detonate when impacted by a high-speed project, like a bullet, according to the search warrant.

Investigators wrote in the search warrant they plan to also search computers and documents to find if there were any instructions or plans for the materials.

"It is unknown at this time if there is a large plan involving those items to initiate the explosives and if they are even possessed legally by Daniel Burky," the search warrant states.

A police spokesperson declined to give further information, saying the investigation remains active.

Court records show Burky faces four charges. He declined to speak with News 3 from jail on Thursday.