Jakks Pacific recalls 'Skate & Skoot' scooters due to fall hazard, will provide replacement handlebar

Posted at 4:25 AM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-22 04:25:30-04

Jakks Pacific recalled its MorfBoard Skate & Scoot Combo scooters with “Y” handlebars due to a risk that the “Y” handlebar joint on the scooter can break, posing a fall hazard.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall affects about 162,300 scooters, which were sold nationwide from February 2018 to August 2020 at stores like Walmart, Meijer, Target, Toys 'R' Us and BJ's Wholesale Club. The scooters were also sold online at Amazon and

The CPSC said that the Skate & Skoot skateboard system has interchangeable parts that convert into a scooter. The scooter is created by inserting a Y handlebar into the base board.

Anyone with one of these scooters is asked to take the Y handlebar scooter away from children and contact Jakks Pacific to receive a free replacement "T" handlebar. The company has received 18 reports of the Y handlebars breaking, with one injury when a child fell, resulting in a bloody nose.

Only scooters with the following manufacturing date codes are included in the recall: 0049VE01, 0128VE01, 0238VE01, 0328VE01, 0598VE01, 0718VE01, 0878VE01, 1068VE01, 1168VE01, 1278VE01, 1458VE01, 1508VE01,1598VE01, 1858VE01, 2068VE01, 2328VE01, 2398VE01, 2478VE01, 2548VE01, 2508VE01, 2568VE01, 2958VE01, 3198VE01, 3258VE01, 3537VE01, 3628VE01.

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